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Why book with us?

    10 Compelling Reasons to Choose Us for Your Wellness Travel:

  1. There are many luxury travel agencies out there, but we are the only one that provides the coaching and most of the alternative therapies in-house which allows our clients to benefit from the support of a Life Coach before they pack their bags. In other words, we don't just organise the logistics and send you to a retreat for someone else to help you. We would coach you from the moment you join us to help you pick the right route and make sure you meet the right people along the way that will contribute to your goal.

    2. Unmatched Expertise: Our unwavering focus and specialisation in alternative therapies and wellness travel reflect our deep knowledge. We blend a passion for healthy living with refined expertise.  

    3. Local Insight: We've intimately explored luxury, chic, eco-friendly stays and wellness resorts and engaged with key decision-makers, ensuring that we deliver the pinnacle of rejuvenating getaways.


    4. Time-Efficient: The pursuit of the finest wellness programs demands extensive research, a task we've diligently undertaken on your behalf, saving you precious time.


  5. Rigorous Selection: Our discerning approach employs meticulous criteria for curating our membership programs and our Trip & Heal experience. We have access to spa breaks, beach spa retreats, detox programs, weight loss journeys and fitness escapes. We always include stress management and we have a whole section to celebrate your perfect dreamy honeymoon :)

    6. Dependable Choice: Beyond the glossy marketing of individual resorts, we provide authentic insights into what to expect, establishing trust and transparency.

   7. Unbiased Guidance: Tailored advice and recommendations align with your unique needs, goals, preferences, and budget, ensuring personalised and unbiased service.


    8. Seamless Personalisation: From your initial inquiry to a hassle-free experience, a single point of contact accompanies you, adding to the ease of your journey. 

    9. Optimal Value: Choosing us grants you all the listed services at par with, or even surpassing hotel rates. Our exclusive memberships, meticulously crafted for clients, offer unparalleled value for your investment. 

 10. Innovative Excellence: Continually seeking unique local stays away from big chains, we collaboratively develop exclusive programs with therapists, nutritionists, local leaders and professionals, setting new benchmarks in wellness innovation while helping the local community.

​   10. With me as your advocate, you gain a partner equipped with personal connections, profound industry insights, legal acumen, and a background in skilled negotiation. This combination enables swift resolution of any challenges that may arise. In this era of cautious global re-opening, embarking on a "do-it-yourself" approach to travel is not the recommended path for travellers that want to avoid the hassle and delays.

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