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Solo Travellers Club

You may leave alone but you'll come back with a bunch of friends

Best Value

The Solo Travellers Club



Travel, Grow & Make friends

Valid for 6 months

Join a group of 3, 4, max 6 people and travel

We match you with people with same interest

Just tell us where you want to go, when & your budget

The price of the tour is separately

with Madje.jpeg

I know how stressing can be travelling on your own especially if you are a woman and/or part of the LGBTQIA+ community, therefor I've created this club where I'll prepare you for the adventure of your life! You won't have to worry about eating alone or feeling lonely because I'll connect you with trustworthy travellers & plan a trip for you :) while empowering you so you find the confidence and dare to make it the best trip ever!.

Solo Traveler in Europe

This is also a perfect fit for those who want to write, create content, and work remotely while maintaining focus, feeling motivated and guided. 

Heal from toxic experiences, detach from people and reset your mind so you can channel all of your power into success.

Ideal for people that want to travel solo but are scared 
Already bought a flight ticket and are freaking out
Want to meet other cool people

Want to share the cost of tours and perhaps accommodation
Ideal for Nomads that want to socialise 

* If you are looking for company because you are going through a lot, we recommend you check The Trip & Heal experience as it may be more appropiate for you.

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