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Laptop Work

The Digital Nomad Bootcamp

Don't get stuck!


You can work from anywhere. Your schedule is flexible, you are in a beautiful place, all your friends and family are envious of your lifestyle, you are living the dream so, why is that you feel stuck? 

I know, is hard to accept it but the truth is that the so-called lifestyle of the moment can become an anxiety loophole. 

You are so worried about your productivity, your sales, not becoming a sloth, making friends, and maintaining your existing relationships.

Uff! It can take lots of willpower and discipline which sometimes you find lacking when you are living next to the paradise beaches of Thailand or by the majestic mountains of Indonesia.

Trip and Heal can help you boost your productivity. We not only provide life coaching but also coaching for entrepreneurs that prioritise your mental health. If you work with others remotely, then you may want to check our 'business' section as we have come up with great ways to help this new way of making business. 

Or if you just want to prioritise your work, plan, create content, write and come up with ideas and strategies then, this is the place for you! 

How does it work?

We will run a Bootcamp in a different location every time. You get the chance to vote for it in our poll or email us your ideas. We pick a very nice villa and all the right peers according to what you are working on and your interests to make sure you network with the right people to help your business grow. 
Each person will work for 4-5h per day from Monday to Thursday and Friday only 2-3h. 
The rest of the time you will:

- Do a form of movement: From Yoga to Exercise, Dance etc.
-Participate in workshops curated for your field.
- Enjoy freshly made meals with the entire group.
- Art therapy sessions
- Enjoy evenings in nature and sightseeing.

Network, network and hopefully make true friends and long-lasting partnerships! Just tell us what you need and we try to match you with the right group.


Show your interest

Thanks :)

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