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Personal Travel Coach

In life's journey, we all encounter traumas. From strict lockdowns amidst a global pandemic to unsettling conflicts, our world has irrevocably changed. Remote work, dating apps, and a lack of physical connection complicate relationships, posing unprecedented challenges.

At the core of my services lies a belief in customisation. I adopt a holistic approach, combining expertise to address depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, heartbreak, career transitions, entrepreneurship, friendship-building, and creating fulfilling relationships.

Travelling with a life coach can be life-changing. On the road, liberated from familiar eyes, we embrace playfulness and new experiences, shedding the constraints of routine. Travel opens doors to unparalleled personal growth and self-discovery.

Join me on this extraordinary journey. Together, we navigate life's complexities, harness the power of travel, and unlock limitless possibilities.

If you're single and seek the confidence to attract a deserving partner, our services empower you to become the best version of yourself, ensuring lasting connection.

For couples facing rough patches, our re-connection trips offer transformative experiences, reigniting bonds and rediscovering love.

Adventurous solo travellers seeking meaningful connections can join our eagerly awaiting Solo Travelers Club. Together, we embark on exhilarating adventures, forging lasting friendships.

We also love to celebrate life, those special vacations to really be in the moment with your friends or family and of course, we love to take you in the most meaningful hard bonding Honey Moon!

Allow us to guide you on a transformative path tailored to your unique journey.

Soulmate seeker

For Love-Seekers

Become the person that your ideal partner will never leave. Increase your confidence and build a inter-dependant relationship.

With our exclusive memberships, you gain access to our comprehensive range of services at discounted rates. By joining, you open the door to a personalised development plan curated specifically for you. This plan is filled with an array of transformative offerings, including personalised meditations, hypnotherapy sessions, breathwork exercises, sound therapy sessions, engaging activities, and impactful coaching sessions. Each element is thoughtfully designed to support your individual goals and guide you towards personal growth and fulfilment.

We offer a 6-month and 1-year membership (pay monthly option), check them out :)

Or if you want to take it easy, why don't you book a Trip & Heal experience?

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