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Heal a Broken Heart 💔 

Girl going through heart break

I understand that going through a breakup can be incredibly painful and disorientating. It's completely normal to feel hurt, especially when you had plans and expectations with someone who is no longer in your life.

If you still have feelings of love for the person you're separating from, the pain can be even more intense. There may also be resentment if the other person acted disrespectfully or broke their promises.

Feeling alone and having to start anew can be quite daunting. Many of us carry emotional scars that make it challenging to trust again or allow ourselves to be vulnerable. As a result, we may put up barriers to shield ourselves from potential harm.

While initially empowering, acting out of fear is never beneficial. It can hinder our ability to make new friends, progress in life, and form meaningful connections. When children are involved, the pain of a breakup can be particularly distressing.

My aim is to provide support and guidance to help navigate these difficult situations. I am here to assist in the healing process, promoting personal growth and helping you find a way forward so you can find 

an Ideal Match if that is what you want, or be happy and single, never lonely. Don't let the break-up destroy your life and become the best version of yourself.

If you are already travelling and need support then Get Over it 

with 4 Coaching sessions on the go for just £350- A Special Offer :) 

But we truly recommend the Trip and Heal experience as it will allow us to look after you properly and to make positive lasting changes in your life.

Heal from Depression 

Image by Anthony Tran

If you need more than a trip if you want steady support that will inspire you and motivate you to a happier life.

There are numerous factors that can lead to trauma and depression, and if left untreated, these feelings can become barriers to a happy life. Unresolved trauma and depression can manifest as physical ailments, eating disorders, feelings of isolation, and a sense of failure.

Losing a loved one can be emotionally shattering and life-altering. Many people struggle to return to their previous selves, grappling with the grief of missing their loved ones and the weight of unfinished matters left behind. Overcoming these challenges alone can be extremely difficult.

My Approach

As someone who has personally undergone therapy and experienced trauma and PTSD, I understand how the process can sometimes exacerbate feelings of unwellness. I comprehend the difficulties of mustering the strength to get out of bed, let alone visiting a therapist's office to articulate one's problems. The world can appear vastly different when we have endured mistreatment, disrespect, and a loss of hope.

In traditional therapy, it can take several sessions before opening up to a therapist. However, I employ Art Therapy as a means to comprehend your situation without relying solely on verbal explanation. Through artistic expression, you can create pieces that reflect your pain, emotions, and heart, facilitating the healing process without the pressure of articulating it perfectly.

I am also well-versed in other techniques that can be beneficial if you are open to exploring them. Hypnosis can be employed to accelerate the healing process, providing effective results. Additionally, psilocybin therapy can be considered as a potential option, but only after several sessions to ensure you are adequately prepared.

Based on your preferences and needs, we can conduct our sessions either online or in person, tailoring the approach to suit what is most appropriate for you.

While many individuals use travel as an escape, here, you will harness the power of changing your surroundings to your advantage. You will receive genuine answers that may shape your future and find solace in your past. As you embark on a journey towards reconnecting with your inner child, exploring a destination of your choice, and engaging with fascinating teachers, you will partake in activities that enable a deeper exploration of your true purpose. Throughout this process, I will be your dedicated coach, providing guidance and support either online or in-person.

Together, we will confront your shadow—the part of ourselves we may not be proud of, yet cannot ignore, as it holds us back from living our dream lives. You will have the opportunity to make peace with your shadow, dance with it, and most importantly, have fun along the way.

You have the autonomy to choose your destination, and following a coaching session, I will align your travel experience with your goals. As you reconcile with your shadow, you will embrace a transformative journey filled with self-discovery and joy.

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