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Hello, My name is María del Valle, a Traveller, Filmmaker, Travel Designer, Art Therapist, and Professional Life Coach.

While my friends often suggest that I write a book about my adventures around the globe, I believe it's best to help you experience truly life-changing moments, just as I have.

With a background spanning life coaching, workplace coaching, and filmmaking, I bring a multifaceted approach to travel that goes beyond the ordinary.

Since 2018, I have been empowering individuals as a life coach, guiding them towards self-discovery and empowerment. In 2020, I expanded my expertise to workplace coaching, orchestrating team-building trips for companies that foster team spirit and cohesion, especially in the era of remote work.  

A travel Agency made by a Traveller

Trip & Heal Founder

This innovative fusion of coaching and travel creates a transformative journey for employees, fostering not only personal growth but also enhancing their professional relationships and performance.

What sets Trip and Heal apart is my passion for weaving cinematic experiences into our travel offerings. Drawing from my background in filmmaking, I infuse each journey with cinematic storytelling, allowing travellers to immerse themselves as the protagonist in their own adventure. This attention to detail, coupled with my Master's degree in Audio-Visual Arts, enables me to craft immersive encounters that transcend the typical travel experience. Each itinerary is carefully designed to provide travellers with the sensation of being the main character in their own life-changing movie.

To me luxury isn't picking the expensive places and restaurants, for me is about picking the places, sounds, visuals and flavours for your unique self. 

At the core of Trip and Heal's philosophy is our commitment to transformation. We believe that travel has the power to catalyse personal growth, and our experiences are meticulously crafted to guide travellers on a path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Our holistic approach encompasses alternative therapies, cultural immersion, and breathtaking locations, culminating in an experience that lingers long after the journey ends.

This is my way of Travelling

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