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Wellness Travel Agent: Trip and Heal

Is this a Travel Agency?

Yes, it is. The difference between a 'normal' travel agency and us is that we care about your holistic well-being and we aim for you to have a transformational experience. 

Trip & Heal is a holistic travel agency 

Will I be able to drink alcohol?

Of course! It is your holiday after all. There may be some activities like 'mushroom therapy' where is recommendable not to drink but you can still have a cheeky drink if you want. 

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Will you book our accommodation& sightseeing? 

Rest assured, all aspects of your journey will be meticulously arranged based on your budget. This includes accommodations, transfers, activities, and delightful local dinners, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.


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Is Trip & Heal confidential?

'Trip and Heal' places utmost importance on maintaining absolute discretion and confidentiality. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement together, ensuring that anything discussed during our sessions or experienced during the touristic activities will remain entirely private and not for public disclosure.

However, if you wish to capture moments through photographs or even consider hiring a professional photographer, you have the freedom to do so. We can provide assistance in that regard as well. Rest assured, you will always have complete control over what is shared or published, allowing you to safeguard your personal journey.

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How our coaching sessions are unique?

Our coaching sessions are dynamics. The therapist will adapt to your personality and needs. The sessions are mixed with art therapy, and perhaps hypnosis, reiki, and plant medicine. We can teach you to properly meditate and different styles of breathwork if that's something you want to try.

We also love to use Sound Therapy, so you will be given tracks to listen to as homework and, if you love it, you could experience live sessions during your Trip & Heal experience or as part of your membership.

All of this creates a platform to address the specific issue you seek assistance with. By combining these transformative methods, I will curate a trip that will not only be immensely enjoyable but will also leave a lasting impact, forever altering your outlook on life.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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