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Choisissez votre formule

  • Transformative

    Tous les mois
    For those that need to set goals and stick to it!
    Valable 6 mois
    • Two coaching sessions per month
    • Art Therapy
    • Sound Healing
    • Hypnosis (if you are up for it)
    • Surprise present deliver to your door
    • Access to Solo Travellers Club at not extra cost
    • Life book (a plan to the life you dream)
    • Learn how to meditate effectively
    • Member discounts and special invites
    • 4 days Trip & Heal experience tailored to you
  • To The Moon

    Tous les mois
    Make lasting changes in your life
    Valable 12 mois
    • 2 One-to-One Coaching session per month
    • Sound Healing
    • Art Therapy
    • Hypnosis (if you are up for it)
    • Access to Solo Travellers Club
    • Surprise present delivered to your door
    • LIFE BOOK (a plan for the life of your dreams)
    • Learn how to properly meditate
    • Members discount
    • 1-week of the Trip & Heal Experience
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